Tuesday, December 02, 2003

What level of competence attends the people's debate on conservation?
Is it well educated enough to lead?
What are professsional planners going to do to protect their own interests and against quackery in science and practice .

I hereby challenge another sacred cow in the conservation sector
What about all the half baked, tokenistic and ineffective "community consultation" that still goes on !
When did a committee of so many ever show the sort of leadership you need when everyones arguing their case for costs to them ( make your own list on em) ? Does treeplanting solve all conservation problems? Bottomline is that quick fix and the token effort comes too easy to all of us and thats what we are paying for - not cutting edge !
Whose leading the critical competency debate to avoid the complete demolition of landcare?
Before some new political wind rush kills off all the good work community groups have done and can do , Practical conservationists need to get involve in this debate and make the carrot and stick stuff work together - not seperately
Lets make conservation practice tougher and more cutting edge before the many careless don quixotes drive another wedge into country people over the mishandling of this issue ! The carrot will dry up and the country will get yet another kick in the guts . "We didn't mean to hurt you they will say" after it happens !


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