Wednesday, May 18, 2005

(ABC radio yesterday) Now while we have managed to sell the sheep and keep the soil and the pasture potential, the wentworth group play into the hands of the quick fix merchants and talk up change . Where do the y want the new goiter line ( it was Ok then it is still the outer ) perhaps they want it at bendigo or melbourne or on the outside walls of their hallowed halls . Speak up or help out . Mr Cullen could at least state wher the boundary is rather tha play into the hands of the quick fixers and let the whole issue get clouded and shrouded by the close everything downquick fixers ( where is his media savyness let alone his sense of concern for hard working people ) . say wher it is and what can be done much cleare r or just add your voice to bigger subsides for hay and fooder conservation now that at least would be pracatical conservation , not sticking the boots in on quick fix day - saving for a rainless day and saving the buy back to another! wentworth group assuming nuisance value ! for more competence, caring and less quickfix support productionecologists

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