Monday, August 01, 2005

"Farmers get too much already " 4 corners ABC tonight
The way governments throw money carelessly at problems would have given this excellent portrait real bite .
Conserving tax resources to store hay and keep professionals in the bush is not rocket science- it just needs to happen .
Its plain silly to expect producers to solve the eco nonsense that both parties wisper in comfortable and dismissive chant.
After all if country people stimulate the innovation , independance and glass half full attitudes this country needs , our let it allhappen polys need to look a bit closer .
Country people don't waste resources. Its bureaucrats, quangos and ignorant politicians who tow the simple lines of high risk and high exhaustion , who don't know what they are talking about on the environment ( peter andrews story on austory) and who change direction to keep manageing faddish funding schemes.


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