Wednesday, January 28, 2004

conspiracy or cockup which is the most common in conservation? --- choose the later.
As previously said - Do Ministers in government circles care that the blood of our future environment advisors is being spilt over their mandarins ever changing directions and blame sessions. It maybe too hard to knock water and agricultural heads together at the top, but it has been common practice for those who can cut wher it counts to do it at patient and paddock level.
Best our leaders get some good advice from people who have demonstrated that they can work together on two complex matters at once ( the water and the soil)and get the pieces to work together again . Inside the clouds there are too many yes or blinkered men who appoint themselves to narrow PC approved ( read reactionary ) agendas . They aren't always years behind the times, but they are clearly unable to cut cleanly where it counts , let alone put the bits back together again Ask the naked mandarin see newsweekly 10th jan


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