Friday, August 12, 2005

Who cares about the truth - I want to know whether i am popular enough to survive !. As a sitting duck I want to know what my rights are . Am I native in Australia or has my passport been suddenly been removed . Why Can't i fly in and out of the country like most birds. Just because I can't smile, some people think i am not cute enough to attract enough votes when competeition policy hits home . I am worried about being culled.; not because of normal population or natural resource logic . My future depends on whether i am loveable enough - doing the right thing by entertainers and the like ? I need help. I am not a duck or a swan . i am a politician looking for votes .
duck hunting is going to be banned in Qld. Sun herald yesterday
Ps i like football but be warned - its not a game for polys who want to stay in one seat for long


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