Friday, October 07, 2005

Bottled WATER -another costly distraction? What can we do to properly tap community interest in sustainability; and avoid yet another costly cul de sac
In 2004, U.S. consumers spent $5.2 billion purchasing bottled water while the government only invested 5 percent of that amount to purchase critical watersheds, parks, and wildlife refuges-systems vital to clean water and healthy environments.

Don't know about you, but its very disheartening to see commmunities spending their resources on things that they don't really need . Scarce cash resources that could have clearly changed their/others own local eco balance situation long term . If we as practical scientists are failing to get communities to drive sound environmental choices, maybe we should be more open to outside help ?
While i am very sceptical about the markets role maybe we need them to sell something other than what's currently on offer! Tap into the feel better factor?

The book Investing in Nature suggests dedicated business-people-turned-environmental-entrepreneurs can provide some more " politically attractive" land conservation deals and other market-based strategies.
I rather think the hard choices are still hard and tough planning is still the key . What about you? maybe we can use both . Either way I think we should stick with each doing what we are best at doing .Investors( an example) Planners see Invest in Nature


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