Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Crisis driven consensus on the water crisis

The murray darling management committee --what are we buying into here ? a bigger committee, a new well funded working party or maybe a policy driven technocracy ,or just a mild mannered tap turners authority with orders from the prime minister himself . who knows hope someone does before friday
I have a feeling that when all the good committee members ride home from their trip to tout at the waterproviding machine that
--The only ones to benefit from higher water prices ( the final solution?) will be the institutions , bureaucracies and the speculators:
--The only ones to feel the pinch ( as mike young so willingly admitted re how cities feel on "point of View ABCTV" ) will be the producers ( the touchers of the sacred stuff) who will get their options and security slashed and their methods of using the stuff increasingly questioned . Why? : when the economists and non practicals in that group on Mcmullans program couldn't even admit and challenge the ravishing stupidity of a monocultural market solution that will not recognise diversity; diversity of rainfed, rooffed and riverfed.

Mcmullan said they were experts . Gives a whole new sloppiness to the drips under pressure angle !


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