Friday, October 27, 2006

Confusion is killing us

Being absolutely CLEAR- It's what everyone really needs to do conservation work , BUT it's clearly not what the media wants. Whose the dummy then ?

The ongoing disease of CONFUSION is still being fed !!! by them and also by us because some silly institutional dills think publicity is key to sustainability . Clearly it is not -- just the feed for quick fixers
If you don't feed the chooks, the chooks will have to waste time on some other cause ---not destroying cutting edge conservation- a better way to science education!

Both scientists , and those who use scientists for politics have very deep problems that continue to turn sound sustainablity science into a joking matter.

For example in your world this week "what so called environmnetal crisis is just that - "a hole so deep we will all drown in it" --today but likley in the next few weeks to be added to the "list of splashes in the bird bath" .If you don't believe its happening you are blind to sound science - denial and exaggeration characterize those who clearly steal the future of sound scientific and planning progress from those who are exploring the outer limits and enjoying the comfort of a panic free future .

Scientists ( esp powerbrokers ) in particular have been allowing politicians to use their particular argument to drive their budget line -- we eventually pay for that ( see one side or tother) BUT then so do they with the swings against them.
For more on sound sustainablity science ----start here.


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