Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Biofuels -another distraction!


Politicians can solve our fuel cost crisis? .Well you might thinks so if the amount of talk by them was an indicator.Wher are the reports from those who know? here where you get real news thanks to blogger. The hybrid car not even mentioned - yes and much more
Nearly everyone of the answers i have heard this weak from across the spectrum is quick fix kind - no wondere average aussies have no time for polys - willing to spend our taxes to throw money at a problem that takes what we have done best in the west Plan , Discourage and Encourage with right taxation incentives .Even biofuels are not the answer (environmnet cost is too high) even though they could be used more . Keating did at least one thing 100 times better than the current laise faire dreamers in charge like Minchin . Keating gave the market a lead by ADJUSTING -adding a rego cost to driving around in trucks . Costello should ADJUST more - give ethanol a go ( help keep stability in the market for sugar locally ) but don't pretend its a panacea

The market, like the people, need leadership, not woosiness and weakwilled trust in what the rich want.
Imagine how much more brilliance in the budget would be there

Maybe we need a lateral party maybe we need to look to the artists. There is no pleasure without pain says the Divinyls .


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