Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dopey politicians

The ongoing threat of cynicsm - (Hon Ian Campbell makes a joke of sound science and practice by carelessly using the rare and ever transient parrot argument ) .

the parrot is not the problem -those who parrot are . Conservation Science is getting a bad name---fueled by those who use simple conservation ideas but show no respect for the sound science and practical considerations that must acoompany them.
While the Environment is used blatantly as a political football --- cutting edge conservation becomes a joke.

The way Mr Campbell used the Parrot is symbolic of the damage cynicism
and incompetence are still eroding and destroying credibility on complex
conservation issues.
“the parrot is not in danger from the big bad cutting machine”

All of us who know our territory need to apply the same principle here. Make sure the ABC make a point of going for best practice reporting .
-- Ensuring witnesses are qualified and do not waste our time quoting
those who quote“some scientist said ”. Quote the scientists
directly – or move the audience on to regional radio or a blog .

ONLY Then the public may have some way of really knowing what the truth is about these complex but important matters !


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