Thursday, October 27, 2005

STOP Our Government is largely preoccupied with gift giving as a way of getting environmental outcomes - perhaps because planning is too hard .Its not right and not sustainable -The fact that planning is far more effective seems to elude many of our leaders
Melbourne is what it one of the most liveable cities in the world - because of planning and planning its environment.

Phil Dayof BRISBANE is right on the ball .Planning IS at the crossroads and no half measures will save it . Integration is essential , but , as he indicates, the current plethora of practice routines will kill the patient.The currents TALK intergration but don't PRACTICE it.
And he's right to call a halt - the patient (our environments and sound planning )is too important to lose.
Todays SIR HUMFREY AWARD - that which pleases both but my department best

You won't get resolution by asking those increasing numbers of bodies blessed with a ticket to ride.
Call for true sustainability and efficiency by those who know the territory and tread less heavily over it.


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