Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dredging up distractions and muddying the water!

So "40000 people signed the petition" to stop dredging the channel. Who cares ! Does the Spokeperson for the channel opposition group think numbers are more important than nature and the scientific study of resiliance?

Maybe the 100 mill spent by the govt on a new EES on the channel dredging is worth a lot more than lots of petitions with "nimby" written all over lots of them? A million dollars a summary page? Thought the age would drop some gems of wisdom for all that effort to get " what was so much needed" . But who really wanted it and who really needed it??? - I bet john thwaites and brumby don't know!
The opponents don't desreve another hearing if all they can focus on is numbers - not truth and the wasted 100 million they got our woosy leaders to give them. Why take serioulsy those persons who called for an extra expensive extra study and now don't seem to want to talk about what 100 million dollars of investigation delves into. we'll see, won't we !

" we know what its says" , "it's wrong" why? because it doesn't say STOP and we don't need to delve any further at all into the thing - its a matter of faith .I bet the 100 million doesn't tell us ( the public) anything we didn't already summize.
No, the respondents to yesterdays announcemnet do not really take " the big picture" seriuosly , or it would be all over rover .

A less woosy and more wisely advised governmnet would have said - "you've had your EES and the 100 million is needed elsewhere !" So much for taking them, the government and the environment seriously !
Why have another environment impact statement ( And all the cynical waste generated) Instead of talking to the real risk issues( and giving SOund Environmental assessment gets a bad name )

All the respondents yesterday wanted to focus on was "40000 people didn't want it" - big deal----40000 is nothing if its a bunch of nimbys (NIMBY= Not In My Backyard)who only take EIS'or EES's seriously when it suits them - much the same as the government do ! .

Lots of people don't want things in their backyard, but they don't all use the environment as their cover -creating the sort of cyniciscm amongst the powerbrokers that is plain destructive for those of us who want others to have a career in looking a little deeper than mere profit! I wonder why the people of victoria are happy to pay for all this distraction and adhoc use of EES's .
Winter rain is still coming , but another snow job is already here and costing the earth .


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