Monday, August 18, 2008

Governments campaigns are way off target

I think the sheep are thinking - don't be like us : we can't help it ; we are sheep!.
Either wishy washy or overly fear driven, the government are wasting our money on ad campaigns that tell us how to suck eggs or insult our intelligence.
If I was Kevin Rudd , I would call in all these kindergarten level advisors ( the problem is clearly endemic) and ask them to consider and demonstrate their bonafides- those who can't show they work on planet earth and can touch base with sound science, engineering and economics must go.
Get some people who have real ecomia training in the field , before the wheels fall off completely from your hot airship Kevin !. The people of Australia deserve better , The bottom line is that talk is cheap -and you have been promoting it like hell itself.
Hot air talk in campaigns may win leader status, but it is no way to keep it .Talk to some real sustainability experts.


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