Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Panic stations

YESTERDAY Rudd offers to buy everyone a water tank ( cost 250 million )blissfully unaware that for urban australia the idea makes no practical water, health and economic resources provision sense. let alone cost of installation and maintenance of an effective system!!!)
Pity he,campbell bracks and brumbles aren't listening to the former PS commissioner Podger who is today reminding the leaders of our country that they are lost at sesa through their own stupidity( a wise man would still have some independant inhouse advisers who were practicioners ( rather than the theoretitions they curently employ) on the subject of conservation - but they all head off to cullen's close up the rivers single desk ; paradoxically the rivers and creeks will dry up if cullen doesn't win the war against the pincer movement but who cares the debate about the future is not about facts- its about tokens in rska avoidance therapy - kind of trees as bandages posting)

Polys and their close collegues in fanaticism claim to be interested in the long term , but appeal to the short term quick fizzes of the moment .Clearly the peoeple too seem to prefer risk avoidance tokens rathr than the hard yards . rather than whether its water, child abuse or labor arbitration.



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