Friday, April 27, 2007

Landcare - who cares ? Ho hum

Gustav Nossal is the stable figurehead for an unstable feast of change in the unhappy marriage of DPI and DSE - pity those who try to work for those in vic gvt on environmentw with such a facade of agreement and unequal partnership going on behind the scenes! : Yes , yet another destabilizing review of where Mr Thwaites and his mates have been taking us on the long and winding road to change windmills and more change .
Their current target --landcare . The ABC afternoon presenter was going for it , but gustav reckons the ship is steady and strong . .Whose being honest and realistic ?
Are those in DSE able to defend anything but change itself ? Will these change for changes sake agents drop landcare like they've dropped everything else before it - of course they will . Wouldn't put too much money on a stable future for DSE funding when DSE don't even seem to anticipate it - more eager to know what you think and what might be a NEW direction .

Maybe change is what they think real sustainable business is all about?

Would DSE know what sustainable business is, if they stumble across it in this latest quest for ideas ?!


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