Monday, April 18, 2016

Feelings R not good enough to make us tough enough

As a resource management planner with Vic Dept's of Env for over 3 decades , its clear the public debate by The political GREENS is feelings based and often devoid of the competence that is ess
ential to really care .   By allowing feelings to rule  they cannot absorb the hard edged issues . There approach is not  whole ecosystem planning  but particular animal or problem focused .  Such an approach is wasteful and distracting cf  Ecologically focused economics

The public effect of taking their feelings lead  is to insult those who study to show themselves approved .

Because public opinion is based on feelings and those feelings relate to desires within that group to deny our needs for food , deny death and the real difficulties of living here , their insistence on stopping things is often impractical , unreasonable and quite wrong. Their choice to become vegans is fine  - but most people will use their well designed eye teeth  .
Because many in the remote public audience don't like the idea of death and suffering ( who does ) they also don't really study things properly , so how can they really care . Soft may feel good but its no frame for future toughness in the real world . 
Many of those full of feelings don't know HOW to manage any animals in their habitats .  They presume to tell us onground custodians that they know and we don't. It's time to stop the rot so our children and those on the ground can again have a career as truly competent carers.

We as land managers HAVE to deal with death. Our public land planners have been forced to adopt non culling policies that are absolutely sound to minimize the suffering of animals .see the koalas starving at Cape Otway story at

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