Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bleeding hearts and budgets

It was true when i started this blog and its still true today .
Unless Governments stop playing football with my profession, it may well be a profession of little note in ten years time. Australians in 2020 certainly won't be leading in it as there were in 1980's.
The art and science of sound practice should not be something that is the subject of constsnt change and experimentation - and yet this is what expenditure on environment has become - just another drip feed that feeds tokenism and softedged and misdirected crap.
The greens talk about the problems but do not work out real solutions - but the major parties now do the same . - its not there job------ why would they ?
Rudd may live to regret his trust in his conservation advisors in particular because they are so heavenly minded they are often of no earthly use.

If only one party would have the courage to say were going to end the marginalisation of a discussion that should be mainstream and professional our kids could keep building and extending the great work started in conservation in Australia and beyond .


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