Thursday, October 25, 2012

Towards CONSENSUS and COMPETENCE on the environment

Labor continue to travel from hell and back in their attempt to follow the Greens lead . The Greens are talking about  some important issues,  but realistically,  they don't have their feet on the ground either in ecology or in its child-economy. Their worries lead to as many disastrous action ideas than any real ones around .
You think attempting to stop this slide on the first road into Apollo bay is overly ambitious? - how about Tony Burke creating the world biggest protection zones ?You think forthright Government leaders, rather than trained onground independent environmental health professionals know what they are doing?
Take Greenlabor's ridiculous plans and actions in the last  decade to make water . Who do they think they are? And , most importantly, why do many urban industry based people follow them ? Its like there is religious ( or if you prefer idealistic) element.driving a large part of the community mindset on this .
As a planner with lots of on ground experience in providing sustainable solutions, its clear the majority of people in our communities do not have an economic world  view big enough to cope with "the eco of the environment " I am not suggesting we try and change that quickly - just make sure the 1% who do work with nature in our country have some objective truly scientific and practical friends .So that , if you like, \\'the bleeding hearts\\\\' don't  keep driving dumb surgery and deadly bleeding in territory that is clearly not their own to know .  It doesn't take much .When Iwas doing the job I worked 3 Shires  by myself.
The critical question with environment is competence . How do we gain confidence in working with nature to know we are actually  working with nature - not against it . Playing with fire and risking the landslide ? This slide of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of loose soil has been under control now for 10 years after  we drained and resurfaced it . We aren't expecting to control nature,  just making sure we respect it .This is what  a production ecologist tries to do . How many of them are there in Australia in 2012 . Maybe a handful . Most of the people working on " environmental matters " are not allowed to show independent professional judgement , because they work for Greenlabor.
Incompetence and ill directed worry will be Greenlabor's legacy to Australia.
No one needs die as a result of landslide in Australia ( but they have)  Parliament just have to know what to do ; to have someone trained to focus on prevention in the complex local environment rather than panic and irresponsible consultant quickfiz driven solutions

Men in the industrial age are so used to controlling their working environment they  can easily forget there is a world outside where we have to obey the rules of nature. Farmers know this,  otherwise they wouldn't survive more than a year,  but they are only now 1% of the population . Who will join them in understandingand growing the understanding of the big picture ?; Who will join them without trying to drag the dumb baggage of 2 dimensional economics of most secondary industry with them . Governments need not another 1% of its people to work with farmers.  Just a few 100 production ecologists would do


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