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Biosequestration - the natural limits.

Here they go again- Polys trying to tell us what they know about what we already know . While the word may not be familiar to farmers the idea is .
Tragically though its new to the wannabes. They LOVE new toys . Before you know it we will have yet another QUANGO or INVESTMENT company/ CRC to duplicate and frustrate progress of the people on the land/ those who know their stuff.

Absolutely nobody needs duplication if we are into conservation and credibility

Thanks to a local farmer we have the perfect piece of onground logic for this week . Grasslands are good .
My apologies to those who asked for some buffering equations within the carbon cycle here - I decided that this isn't the place, because the wannabees who are always searching but never coming to a knowledge of the whole truth --will keep wandering over the the territory ,if they think they are onto something new . see also 2 paras and 2 posts down . They will only be forced to stop talking when we stop feeding them This is their problem; the disease which ruins most cutting edge conservation in Australia - naming one part of the challenge but having no complete view of the whole .

Believe me, if you have doubts about government policy and where it comes from, you are not alone .Very scary when you are isolated from all the noise .
Just have a look at grist and how Obama is having to recant all the talk about biofuels and ethanol . Most polys want quickfix when slowfix is the only way.

Its easy for me because i worked and studied with earth systems all my life and know them well enough to see the huge pile of rubbish that polys and bureaubrats shovel around each week - all in the once good name of conservation .
For you who are not more clear about this , remember, Doubt is not wrong, as the true fundamantalists on CC would have you believe. Its very much part of sound science and common sense . Words ---you can't trust them to use them properly, let alone facts !
Try being an effective environmental risk management scientist over the last few decades. Telling the truth on basic chemistry and physics can cost you your job.
YET Reconciliation with the earth is not something you play with ; it comes at a cost – the cost of doing things properly and professionally; Its Not about quick fix .So whose really kidding who here !
For me doing science and post grad geoscience at University and working effectively in providing risk management advice on the environment for 30 years was no guarantee that you will be able to speak freely. (Bracks sacked me, one of the best water conservationists in the State of Victoria , in its most drought driven year . No wonder Hon Tim Holding has nowhere to go with all his mislaid pipes.( Remember you heard it first on blogger )

Doubts and questions used to define scientists; now only skeptics are doubters and doubters are supposedly stupid .
Our political spin merchants have redefined what scientists are - good scientists are those who are certain about the things they are advocating and they support what we , the leaders , say.
If only they knew what they are really saying--- they have made a game of football out of one of the most important challenges for humans on this earth -living within the chemical limits.
Since the post 2 down , Senator Fielding has asked a simple important carbon question of Senator Wong and got no scientificly defensible answer . These are the numbers in one chemical equation , even a undergrad could answer !
I could add to the reasons why Wongs latest diversion won't work , but that would be to give them talking space when we need an end to this waste of effort.
Carbon cycles are some of the most well buffered, both now and throughout geologial history. Temperature and .......( various other things that you need to look me up for)limits the application of sequestrtaion technology in ways currently censored. Obviuosly Wongs advisors don't know them - what a surprise !

You should not support Labor or the greens in ETS for many reasons. If you can't think of a good reason, he's one . The government pay for a pathetic ad that encourages questions (askmorenow)and yet , they can't even decide whether cows should fart, belch or breath.


Blogger Johnniem said...

Finally In July 2013 The university of Melbourne come out and say that soil sequestration is not viable . If I took that long to make a decision I would never had a career or learned to use the scientific training to help people manage the ecosystems in their patch.

July 18, 2013  
Blogger journeymanj said...

The reason I didn't spell out the reasons why the sequestration fix wouldn't work is the reason NOW i am posting here 4 years later . To prove this : "Wannabes incl ABC from all parties FALL for this simple stuff and no wonder thinking people can't take any of them seriously". The ABC can't name the job of a "chemist "( dress him/her up) but can a "biologist "-- the key sciences to substantiate their failing causes .

July 28, 2013  

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