Friday, February 25, 2011

The problem is so big only the government can do anything about it

Sorry post modernists are a sorry lot - lost the idea that people and ideas can make a difference.
I started this blog POST today after our Prime Minister announced a great big new tax that will cause us all to do good - great good, she thinks. That and the flood levy symbolize just how limited a vision they have of all the range of things that are really threatening us here .
First of all as a competent and well connected scientist I know that the unhappy alliance of the media and political extremists are into beat ups . They love to worry us .
Secondly , when you know quite a bit about how the ecosystems really work and more than the above group ( which doesn't mean we know much either) you know that they worry too much (because the eartb is very resilient ( they keep using that word about people but its the created order that exhibits it best )
Thirdly ( while there is lots more ) the action of this day is a reactionary action ,not a planning action ( which means are moving backwards ). A guilt driven thing in some cases which means you can test it for both projection and tokenism .
The only things we can really do to avoid disasters ( like the earth quake in Christchurch this week ) is to plan better to avoid the consequences of them and coerce those who chose poorly ( ). We are doing this better than we realize (no1 above) . We need to help those in poor countries to do that more than we need a tax on Carbon and a new bureau to bless us when we choose well


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