Monday, May 23, 2016

Labor could follow Greens into limbo land

Neither Greens or Labor know when to weed the garden . Neither are they in their ignorance really sure we should even weed  the garden; A lazy lot . Both are therefore becoming so heavenly minded they are of little earthly use .   on the environment and other so called high moral ground issues .
They  talk Climate change but have only course market mechs to deal with it .They talk that minorities must come first and the rest of us pay for their indulgence .spoiling the kids and breaking up families ,
For thinking people and real eco scientists their mind and motivation implication games are the stuff of murder and suicide .
Nothing harder to deal with than the irrational argument in the powerful  esp if they want to take away your livelihood but haven't got the guts to pay you out .Come to the door with free lightglobes but with a letter to kill your livelihood. Culpable carelessness
 Neither Labor nor greens have the credibility to deal with The science briefly described below The science of weeding regeneration and renewal and recycling in soils. (Agriculture is not all bad as they suggest ) Many will have to answer one day for disrespecting the profession that feeds them 

Hamlet would be saying the same thing he said of the ignorant and sentimental parents he had ;  whose concern is not the truth ( the full truth is about weeding, regeneration, renewal and recycling)  but whose concern IS Staying in power ; who JUST  want to sit in the head seats in Canberra.
Mark BUTLER Must change their minds about chasing the Greens 

If Joel Fitzgibbon and Mark Butler had any integrity they would say to their party – “we can’t do this “.
what’s this ? you ask - Win votes in the city at this election by having another careless go at the country. Butler must recant on his pledge to have more controls on land use and land users. "The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention " 
There is no need for more legislation to control clearing of forest to agriculture  Only a few acres of freehold forest is ever likely again to be converted to  agriculture in the future as the State legislation is tight . We know it appeals to the city at election time to spread more panic amongst the city. Fitzgibbon  could say “ We, unlike the Greens, happen to know that blokes featured on Landline mostly just want to clear wattles and overmature growth from their grazing properties . These trees are only temporary and only grow because their land is not overgrazed.”  we would be risking our integrity at the very gates of those we say we care about ( Milk at 14cents a litre)

“The farmers are looking after this grazing land ,and if they are not, their leases would be cancelled – been that way for decades .  We should be supporting this form of freehold and leasehold rangeland management, not poking our noses in with ignorance and fear like the Greens do.  These areas are natural rangeland ecosystems where grass is the dominant vegetation”. Why are the fearful trying to stop the farmers from doing what the fungi , fire and ants will do anyway .Why don’t you prosecute these animals and the elephants of Africa for sending the carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere?  Don't know basics about Carbon!!
if you in the party were serious about a CC policy that works,  you would have had a  tax on city tractors yesterday . No I said,  a decade ago !  It’s not about integrity , it’s about winning votes.  Bandt would be history if the Greens had some integrity. Thankfully his electorate can occupy high ground and get around on bikes and Public transport   
If Fitzgibbon and Butler had any integrity they would say to their party” we can’t do this.”  “This what the Greens do   -win arguments on appearances like the picture of dark steam coming out of cooling towers and this  jumping in and accusing others of some abuse without studying the ecosystems and management processes involved ; and  without mentioning city tractors in cc policy.

 This is allocated managed rangeland and unless you want to buy the whole lot back you are saying they can’t control weeds and regenerate pasture like the aborigines did and do. “
If Fitzgibbon and Butler had any integrity they would say to their party,   we  don’t want any more of our agents killed on the farmers doorsteps trying  to tell the farmers  they are getting free lightbulbs but taking away their livelihood. We would be more honest to say the United Nations require us to buy back your farms and then do it – if we really believed it was such a necessary policy. “

If Fitzgibbon and Butler had any integrity they would say to their party” we can’t do this”. “We’d be no better than the Greens. The Greens would do anything to get into power –They don’t care about casting snide on a minority who appear to be doing the wrong thing but are not; It Is so easy to pick on one group and say they are ones to worry about .A CC policy that would work must involve all of us .
 If Fitzgibbon and Butler had any integrity they would say to their party” we can’t do this”   “If this is how we win elections I want no part of it.” .   
We hope the people of Australia will have some integrity in July and will say to the parties who live on snide and suspect criticism of others.
“If that is how they win elections, I want no part of it

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