Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lame Ducks quacking about conservation

All the bleating about the need for climate change action has gone a little soft and fluffy . One reason could be that no one dares talk openly about ACTIONS  ( carbon tax inducements , incentives )   Its just  "the need for climate change action",,,,, "the need for climate change action",.....  

I have thought of starting my own pathetic campaign  " the need for better fathers and mothers "
its not mentioned first in Bills campaign .....but last

None of this is news to me .
The Greens and Greenlabor will go down with a whimper on this important critical matter  because they whimper into it.
 Conservation is hard work and its got to work to work.
Scenario of misguided expenditure on conservation 
Every australian home could have panels and low energy lights and we still couldn't have toast in the morning if the Greens have their way with our coal. for what end . Co2 that may well be resequestered.

And yet most of  the money for conservation goes in grants.and all parties agree . What is this ?Conservation is like welfare .  No wonder TRUMP is popular in the USA . All our parties are just all talk on conservation .



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