Friday, September 12, 2008

Sequestration -the greens get distracted AGAIN

Bob brown believes in it : Mr Garnaut believes in it; Perhaps even the Opposition believes in it . The truth ? what is truth ? The majority believe in it so it must be right, right?

Wrong. From a practical scientists point of view this NEW fixation with ONE form of soil fixation is a dark and empty distraction when focus is needed. Clearly Mr Garnaut is not on top of the issues, to lose track of the key ones . If I was Rudd or Garrett, I would be worried that my best policy mate supporter is Mr Brown.

Sure, it sounds good, and is chemically an option ( like castration is an option ), but it won't work- that'sthe soil stuff so popular to talk about at the moment .

So why would anyone believe in the circular merry go round of ideas that is supposed to be ET at the moment?
Take sequestration of carbon in charcoal and timber .The greens are finally back at trying to open a building they knocked down only a few years before !
The revolving door of reactionary green talk in which Mr Brown is the lead agent is about to come back to one sustainable method for sequestration. . This is after his followers, in their ignorance and openess to quickfix , have closed down many timber industry areas .

If you voted for Mr Rudd , Stop Mr Rudd before his team lose the plot completely- maybe Labor should amalgamate with the Greens to fight the wave of cynicsm that awaits them next time they appear at the ballot box .
All this distraction and diversion is just another brick in the wall for those of who know how to manage soils and energy sustainably and would like to get on with doing just what we have been doing - without distractions .


Blogger journeymanj said...

The reason I didn't spell out the reasons why the sequestration fix wouldn't work is the reason NOW i am posting here 4 years later . To prove this : "Wannabes incl ABC from all parties FALL for this simple stuff and no wonder thinking people can't take any of them seriously". The ABC can't name the job of a "chemist "( dress him/her up) but can a "biologist "-- the key sciences to substantiate their failing causes .

July 28, 2013  

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