Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ABC non science

Philip Adams surprised himself last week  by confessing that he had never,  in all his 30 years of advocacy of conservation ; including on his farm ( No thanks from this pedant King ) never thought about fungi . How pathetic . Adams has developed  a love of truffles " He had a real scientist coralled for a while on his late night live show ---  to tell him what he wanted to know to .........
What Adams didn't know was --Fungi ( and ants ) are the key benefactors of the Left and the no sequestration Greens Forests policies.
 These are policies that don't work for CC and that have down sides for everything from soils to water quality.  Too bad if something in Nature doesn't fit the perfect theoryi.Too bad if less than half the story is told . I love fungi too"
 So what have the ABC left out in their blinkered approach to science ?  They say they  love science but they don't do science .
As GK Chesterton said,  it dangerous and limiting to love something for a reason . ABC nonscientists  love science for a reason;Their own reason/s They see it as the key to perfectibility when it is often only a key to more pedantry . A stumbling block to careers and growth -Little did Adams know that having a real soil scientist on the ABC was dangerous !!!

 Time the ABC got a new crew who know enough to know that they don't know it all !
The only way to really love something is to still love it when it tells you something you didn't want to hear.  I love fungi too!


Blogger journeymanj said...

Half the story is misleading even if its done in ignorance. Half the story leads to just more unsustainable rubbish from even the well intentioned . Half the story from the paid penpushers leads to simple stories and incompetent conservation action.

March 02, 2017  

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