Monday, February 23, 2009

Careless conservation talk is highly dangerous

Us greens are in the firing line over the most disasterous fire in Australia's history. And rightly so ! We know its not easy to get those who don't care motivated. But we as a group, have let the simple talk dominate ( "trees are good , preserving the trunks and branches, even when dead, is of supreme value ")
The complex and complete eco talk required to retain our credibility is going . We are getting a bad name. We have let the simple talk take over.
The biggest disaster in Australia's history is a reminder that careless talk about trees is no good if it doesn't respect the complex interactions that drive good design with nature : diversity, distinctions, deterministic necessities and real world decisions MUST come with our management of such complex, dynamic and unique associations.Planning scheme rules don't make good decisions; proper production ecology does.

A simple preservationsist approach has crept into even goverenmnet approaches. How long can they last with trivia talk ? How long should they last?

All the good intentions can be dissipated in the reality that , instead of diverting our disciples from disease, we have helped create it . A positive direction for conservation is to move to here

Its's time to take stock - we have been too busy into playing up to preservationist predjudices and not enough into acting professionally

People love trees - but not all trees should be treated the same.
Take gums vs stringybarks or western district cypresses. Some houses were protected by Western district cypress trees (WDC)during the western district fires in 1983 . This reality in the open country with one type of cypress tree helped create a bit of a false sense of security in form of complacency about "stay and defend" --a policy that is quite defensible in open country( CFA territory) - BUT just not appropriate near our native mountain forest gums ( DSE territory).
If you are green, but have never supported others to study to be properly green - NOW is the time. The country needs them .
Competent conservationists are an endangered species


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