Friday, May 14, 2004

Talk about academics losing the plot . All this speculation about how to do the job has given them a job - while it denies others ( eg people who formerly worked in landcare) .
Will these bibliography hunters and their fine words ever put the pieces of humpty dumpy together again ?
custody, stewardship , duty of care and market driven drivel.
we not only think not---- we know not ,. Pieces of the picture for sure , but not big picture !
Better the government found out what really works before they go hunting for new clothes again ! warning the clothes may be a bit worn and not so attractive . Integration --its called and we DO NOT need a new vehicle for it !

Friday, May 07, 2004

Some of our readers won't be aware of this, but competition policy is going to be the biggest budget blower of this century . Great that the Feds have now got an enquiry into it . Get your submissions in - or send some see for eg http:/

Monday, May 03, 2004

Academics too with no vision, but to close things down? Hard work making decisions about something as simple as the environment! ?????

A sydney academic on the world today last week had no answers for Sugar farmers . Get big - they've got bigger . get smarter ( you name it they"ve done it !
Perhaps he didn't say what he really thought- love to hear from you mate! Rob?
I wonder if he listens to the media and thinks sugar farming is unsustainable ,but wasn't really prepared to say so ----pity the truth is now a large casualty of the war !
More on Sustainable systems? Don't let the media and wannabe leaders tell capable people what is and is not sustainable
Unless you know more than they do or know something they don't ? Why not share your wisdom?