Friday, August 12, 2005

Who cares about the truth - I want to know whether i am popular enough to survive !. As a sitting duck I want to know what my rights are . Am I native in Australia or has my passport been suddenly been removed . Why Can't i fly in and out of the country like most birds. Just because I can't smile, some people think i am not cute enough to attract enough votes when competeition policy hits home . I am worried about being culled.; not because of normal population or natural resource logic . My future depends on whether i am loveable enough - doing the right thing by entertainers and the like ? I need help. I am not a duck or a swan . i am a politician looking for votes .
duck hunting is going to be banned in Qld. Sun herald yesterday
Ps i like football but be warned - its not a game for polys who want to stay in one seat for long

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The conservation movement is likely to die as much from bleeding in twenty different methodology directions as it is from any lack of agreed purpose .The devil is the the detail and thats always changing. take just two elements of the who what when where ,
The who? . One year its professionals next year its groups. when where and what fads ALSO take precedence every year making environment careers one of the most unreliable places to train for careers in Australia. this should not be so as there is nothing easy about changing land use and nothing more important .

Monday, August 01, 2005

"Farmers get too much already " 4 corners ABC tonight
The way governments throw money carelessly at problems would have given this excellent portrait real bite .
Conserving tax resources to store hay and keep professionals in the bush is not rocket science- it just needs to happen .
Its plain silly to expect producers to solve the eco nonsense that both parties wisper in comfortable and dismissive chant.
After all if country people stimulate the innovation , independance and glass half full attitudes this country needs , our let it allhappen polys need to look a bit closer .
Country people don't waste resources. Its bureaucrats, quangos and ignorant politicians who tow the simple lines of high risk and high exhaustion , who don't know what they are talking about on the environment ( peter andrews story on austory) and who change direction to keep manageing faddish funding schemes.