Thursday, April 28, 2005

Australia gets left behind Debate about the blnkered nature of environ expenditure is warming up in the US ( But what's happening here ? Nothing . We follow someone else. How long will the Feds keep throwing money at problems rather than training people to avoid them -
If we started concentrating on the later we would be exporting our skills and not importing failed experiments and bandaid policies derived from running around in circles. Avoid the reactive, the fearmongers and get the facts . Make our world work for all and the future. Australia used to lead the world in ienvironmnetal planning policy - we don't have to follow everyone else do we ?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Seen it all before - when vulnerable and unsure of who to trust, pretend it is simple . Rely on the whiteboard solution .

Spreading Jam on Wounds

"I've got no doubt that right across the country we're spending far too much on bureaucracy and administration and we need to make sure more of it gets to the pointy end," The HON IAN CAMPBELL said yesterday

While I welcome the focus on the pointy end, the conservatives still and will still give the dollar to the wrong accountability groups simply because they prefer simplicity.
And while I am not one to promote the simple greens, Ian's very talk of "trees" is the sort of simple talk all big picture conservationist learn to hate .
Sustainable conservation, if its anything, is not simple- the stupid spreading jam stuff .
Complexity, diversity and success in integration are the key to sustaining life here on earth and its not simple;.
All those who treat this profession with tokens waste precious dollars and career opportunities for our children. Give our children more than token efforts and advance the real professional and political issues and challenges!

Our leaders like to focus on the sweets rather than the substance . They still get lulled into a sense of false comfort by the mere mention of the word "enterprise" , unaware of the high risk of isolation rather than integration-
The left hand does not knowesth what the right handeth doeth .The nurse and the CEO talk different languages. One offers jam, the other talks about uneccesary jagged edges( real sustainability issues), and how to avoid them long term .
Government is not business and true accountability ( Minister to Department) is still the key to sore prevention,stable, sustainable and more satisfying staffing and support .
All the other expensive rubbish their revived quango theology has created in the last couple of decsdes will keep coming back to bite them big time- the waste is the current governments creation ---not neccesarily the goodwill and volunteer groups-groups who one presumes still get little money for propaganda purposes.

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