Monday, January 29, 2007

Splashing around in a drought

The end result of Mr Turnbull's big splash into a shallow pond with a very hard bottom can be expected to be a broken promise.( He's going to do the impossible with the Murray Darling ?) Good luck to him but lets first keep the outcome in perspective - a few barrages and the barham choke for 10 billion?.

Too much water and financial engineering on the brain? The Short term gain of a good idea badly implemented will become evident once it becomes obvious He and His party think that environmental problem solving is simple . The libs have already had a chance to spend well - what have they done with the telstra money ? more waste would be a vote loser - as are all big quickfiz's -when the heat goes out of them .More at

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who should you believe?

One thing is clear --the whole conservation movement cutting edge in Australia is at risk if politicians keep taking the running on it. doesn't matter whether its thwaites , Gor or anothe r ros kelly it -wannabe clever instead of those who really know not only the problem , but its context and therefore its proper management . After all the vics didn't check with anyone in house about giving $1000 to city people to store water for the 1 in 1000yr drought when the 999 years its not needed ---makes it really hard to justify -esp as mosquito breeding sites that deprive soils and syetems of moisture for all those years . or their failure to run the gilmore award program that might have helped many manage their futures better .
they don't check to see that closing forests will make mana gemnet of them too expensive for the next genartion of victorians .Elvis looks good so someones job will have to go after the fires to make the governmen look good !
All the time they sleep easy knowing its not them that spent big dollars on an other quick fiz . no its all due to global warming